Jan 14, 2007

Freezing Cold

The coldest I've ever felt since I lived in LA. It is now 8am, the sun is up and my backyard thermometer is showing the temperature outside only at 30°F. Imagine 32°F = 0°C. So it is really freezing cold. Luckily, my pool's water has not froze (as I seen out from my kitchen window) or else it may break the surrounding concrete, because as water freezes it expands. Also I don't see any frost on my neighbors' roof. This so cold ... sooooo cold!

We didn't have our central heater running over the night (but I think our gas water heater must have been running the whole night as it is located with its door facing the backyard and the door wasn't insulated) since the three of us were sharing the same queen size bed and queen size down comforter to keep us all warm. This is not a good weather for my baby to sleep by himself on his own crib because he is the type of baby who kicks off his own blankie and then sleeps on top of it.


Vien said...

Yea, it is hella cold here too! We wanna move Belle to her own room, but this isn't good timing. It's too cold and we can't afford to have our doors open.

Anonymous said...

Hi there,
Was reading a friend's blog when stumbled upon yours .... actually, accidentally clicked the wrong link. Anyway, nice blog so am glad to have found it.
How about trying a Grobag? I can't live without it. Best invention ever! You don't have to worry about baby kicking off the covers and in the middle of the night, you just pick baby up, breast feed and put back down .... no need to fiddle with blankets.

Anonymous said...

Wow! Please take care of yourself ne! SO COLD!

ps: Its Brandon's piuyeeyee eiko-chan =D!~ Lazy log-in again =P!

Angeleyes said...

geez... how can it get so cold so suddenly??? A month ago hubby was saying the weather still has not changed much... According to my SIL, even it's not snowing in Germany! Weird weather really!

G said...

Sounds cold indeed, good thing the pool water didnt freeze huh. We've been having a cooler than usual summer here ... only began to get hot as, since January. Usually it'd be stinking hot already by November.

wHOisBaBy said...

vien: same here. we keep our bedroom door close all night time and our bedroom is the warmest.

karen: thanks for dropping by. glad you like my blog. i do have something similar to grobag but it's made of fleece material (kiddopotamus brand) which is not warm enough to our cold weather.

eiko: so cold, not suitable for you.

angeleyes: is crazy the weather here. this week has gone up and our weekend will be sunny with 70F.

g: how hot does it get in sydney?