Dec 17, 2006

New Baby Munchies

Got a few new finger foods for Brandon to play and eat. A very good way to try to teach him to feed himself. We also find feeding him these finger munchies gives us some time to enjoy our food when we are dining out.

We bought a few different types including Gerber's finger foods (puff - like honey stars but softer and easier to melt in the mouth) and two different type of Japanese crackers/cookies. We didn't buy the Hello Kitty rice cracker (picture below), it was included in the favor from a kid's birthday party. But I saw it selling at the local Japanese store if we needed to get some in future.

The Gerber's finger foods puff come in different type of flavors, Sweet Potatoes, Strawberry & Apple, Banana, Cherry and their latest flavor - the Vegie Puff. We've tried the Strawberry & Apple, which we brought back to KL and shared with Ethan. Last Tuesday I took Brandon with me to the groceries store and saw these were on sale for $1.98 each. I couldn't decide which flavor to get for Brandon so I let him made the choice. I placed the Strawberry & Apple and the Vegie Puff (since it's their newest flavor) in front of him and guess what Brandon did? His two hands held out and each grabbed one of the bottle. Aiyo, he so greedy. But then I told him PLEASE only choose one. I wasn't expecting for him to understand me, but he amazed me by releasing the Apple & Strawberry bottle onto my hand. Well, that helped so I didn't have to buy two bottles. =)

The Japanese Rice Crackers we just bought yesterday. Went to Marukai, a Japanese market place and saw this item on sale for $1.38 a pack. On the bag, it says GANBARE YASAI KAZOKU CRACKERS (BAKED RICE CRACKERS). It has 15 individually packed with 2 rice crackers each - very convenient. I tried one piece before giving to Brandon and it has very very little salty & sweet taste to it. But Brandon likes it and the first time he finished 1 pack of 2 rice crackers.

The other Japanese food was the baby biscuits. These are hard round cookies like biscuits but they melt in the mouth too. These are sweet, even Ethan's mommy loves them very much. I purposely brought one pack to KL for Ethan to try. I don't remember how much they were because it was a long while when I bought it but didn't give Brandon to eat as it was hard. But now he likes it. It is harder for him to pick up these by himself as they are round. So sometimes I have to help him by tucking these into his mouth one by one.
Japanese rice crackers, Gerber's Vegie Puff

Japanese biscuits/cookies, Hello Kitty rice cracker


G said...

the packagings are so cute. brandon so smart boy, understood ur instruction to pick one only :D

Angeleyes said...

wah...Brandon so smart lioa ah!

Vien said...

Belle loves the puffs too. Now she has more teeth, we've transition her to Cheerios..cheaper leh..haha.

Anonymous said...

Jayden loves the Manna Baby Bolo Biscuit..same like the one u mentioned it. It melts in the mouth. Not bad..i've tasted it b4!

wHOisBaBy said...

g & angeleyes: just coincident i guess.

vien: yea cheaper to get cheerios. i can't wait until our time to get those.

sasha: i think msia has a lot of varieties for finger food. saw them when we were at the supermarket but didn't buy.