Oct 21, 2006

Brandon the Big Cousin Brother

My sister and I were pregnant almost at the same time. Her due date was only one month away from mine. It was very coincidence that both of us to have babies in the same year.

Then something happened that 'almost' made Brandon the younger cousin brother instead ... My sister's water broke when she was just 32 weeks (I was around 37 weeks that time). If she was in USA, her OB/GYN would have given her the steroid to mature the baby lungs and deliver the baby within the next 24 hours as doctors here are afraid of any complication or infection due to the water break. They are worried being sued. That was why I was surprised when she told me that the hospital didn't deliver her baby yet and didn't plan to do so. Instead they kept her in close monitoring. Over the phone conversation (I called her at the hospital everyday to check on her progress) I had with her, she even told me that the hospital may send her home to wait for her contraction? I was like, "Huh?! Water broke already still go home?!" Well, luckily that didn't happen. She stayed at the hospital until her baby arrived at 33 weeks and 6 days.

During her second week at the hospital, her contraction started but only mildly. She would feel pain on and off but when checked, her cervix wasn't dilated yet. Again if that would have been the case here, the doctor would have induced her to have her baby out (water broke and contraction). Anyway, I don't remember how many days she was in pain before she delivered Ethan. But I remember two days before she delivered the baby, she told me not to call her anymore as she had no breath to chat because her contraction was so near. I also received an email from a cousin of mine (after she called her) telling me not to call her because her baby may come anytime now. Then I thought, "Wow, her baby is going to be Brandon's BIG COUSIN brother, even though her baby was supposed to be younger but if he comes out first, then he is the bigger brother." Husband and I kept telling Brandon faster to come out.

When I visited my OB/GYN for my 39th week appointment, I was told to have an induction that very evening. I was happy and I didn't tell any of my family about it. Wanted to give them a surprise. Called my aunty just to update her on my appointment but didn't mention about the induction. I was thinking to myself, "Has my sister deliver her baby yet?"

Anyway, Brandon arrived on Mar 3rd (US date) and I called my sister's cellphone from my hospital bed to inform her about my baby's arrival. I was expecting to hear her say her baby arrived and that was what I heard. Spoke to her husband and he told me my sister had just delivered their baby and she was still on the hospital bed while the doctor finishing up the sutures. Then only I told him that I also delivered my baby about 1.5 hours ago. Then both of us laughed. Both our babies arrived very close in time. However, due to GMT and my sister being in Adelaide, Ethan was born on Mar 4th while Brandon was on Mar 3rd. Brandon is the bigger cousin brother by only 1.5 hr. hehehe

Now to think of it, what if Brandon arrived 3 hours later while it was still Mar 3rd in US but Ethan arrived same time on Mar 4th in Adelaide? Then who will be the BIG COUSIN brother?


G said...

When I first read ur story, I was really amazed at how close ur bond with ur sis is, so much so even ur sons were born so close :D It's truly so special.

LiL'deviL said...

HAHA...got my computer back! But it's really late now plus daylight saving has started so one hour later. Was adding www to my favorites until I read this.

Never really thought of your "What if" before. Anyway, it's not really that fair considering you were induced. But then again, Brandon was meant to be the big one from the beginning.

I do think of our 'coincidental event' (don't know what to call it) once in a while. I mean, even when mum and her two other sisters had three girls (you, Leng and Mei) born in the same year, it's not as close as what we had. It's only a day difference because we're far apart. We were supposed to be a month apart. People asked me before, "What if you and your sister give birth on the same day?" and I would say, "Won't be because we're so far apart." then they would say that yours would come late and mine early. What are the chances in that? Who would've thought Ethan couldn't wait? Maybe mum convinced him...hehehe... Sometimes I do believe this is all her doings.

I am grateful though, that Ethan came at the time that he did, not earlier as he may have more complications and may have to stay longer at the hospital, and not later as he may have grown bigger and then more complications for me!

wHOisBaBy said...

g: i still have funny feeling when i think about it.

lil'devil: i know is funny how things happened the way it happened.