Mar 7, 2006

During my last doctor's appt, Mar 2nd

Went to the doctor's appointment on Thursday evening at 430pm with hubby. I lost one pound and blood pressure was normal. Doctor came in and checked cervix and it was dilated just fingertip. By the way, I was already in my 39th week. Then the doctor checked the position of the baby and found his head on the side of the cervix. I was thinking, he may be suggesting C-section. But then to confirm, he used the ultrasound. On the ultrasound, the baby's head was in an oblique position - head not center above the cervix. Baby is estimated to be around 7 pounds. His head is about 9.6-9.7 cm. Doctor kept saying baby has big head. But what concern him most was the fluid level because it was only 3.2. He said usually they like it to be 8 and above. So he suggested to INDUCED labor, which I didn't really want to but he explain that if the fluid level is too low, the cord might get compressed. We didn't discuss about the induction procedure at that time. He send me into the other room for the NST while he attended other patients.

While in the room, I was chatting with hubby regarding the induction. I was thinking may be we can get a few days to see if the anything happens before getting induced. So when the doctor came in and he told me that I would need to check in to the hospital tonite for the induction. Me and hubby was like ... 'HUH?' We were prepared to have the baby but not that night yet. I personally didn't like induction because it has its own risks too. Mostly, it may end up with a C-section, and I've also heard that the labor would be much more intense then regular labor without induction. So the doctor left to call the hospital while I was getting up and tidied myself. He came back and told us to check in after midnight and would get started with Cervidil - a type of gel to soften the cervix. It would take approximately 8-12 hours for the gel to get working. Then I would be given drips of Pitocin - to get the contraction going which may take between 12-18 hours before delivery. So I have no choice. I did tell him if is possible we get it done on the weekend - Saturday, but he said he didn't want to risk the baby's condition with the fluid level so low, we wouldn't know what is going inside. He told me to have a big dinner as when the drug is given, there will be no more food allowed. Oh BOY! Labor without energy, that's not what I was looking for.

So we went home and while driving back, hubby and I still can't believe that we would have a baby with us tomorrow. But I was getting nervous ... really nervous. My legs were shaking badly in the car while going home. I wasn't prepared for this.

Will continue about the labor next time ...


Egghead said...

nowadays can decide a bit when to deliver one hor... last time where got like this one :P

Zara's Mama said...

I guess your Dr has the baby's best interest in mind..

I was also supposed to be induced as it was passed my EDD, but Zara came 2 nights before the appointment date. And because I was dilating too slowly, in the end, I was still given drugs to induce the labour to quicken it. Yes, it was PAINFUL!

wHOisBaBy said...

egghead: yes, today's medical is a lot different than before. some doctor allow their patients for optional c-section so they can plan for the delivery date.

zara's mama: i had a miscarriage with a set of twin boys at 17 weeks back in 2003. they were born but not mature enough to survive. that's why the doctor monitored my condition closely as he wants to make sure the baby is OK.

mom2ashley said...

my labour was also induced. to come to think of it, having it induced makes things more predictable though..that's what i think.