Sep 2, 2006

Kimbo Brand Pork Sung

WAH, it has been a long time since I had one of these Chinese Pork Sung - shredded cooked dried pork(also known as 'Bak Hoo' in Hokkien). I very often bought this during my college days here. The local Chinese groceries store, the 99 Ranch Market has this on sale, 2 4oz pack for $2 (regular price $1.59 each). There are two kinds, one type is the slightly crunchy (soong) and the other is soft/chewy (fu).

Back in KL days, my mom would make plain Chinese porridge and we would mix this pork soong in to it. Or we can eat it with bread. Another style of eating this is to toast the bread with this pork soong and a slice of cheese. Just like a grilled cheese pork soong bun. Well, you can also eat it plain. I just has this with a piece of bread as my dinner this evening.

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Suvlights said...

you forgot to mention eating it with a fried egg & bread !