Aug 10, 2006

Local News: Infant boy dies due to co-sleep with parents at the hospital

My hubby came home and asked me if I've heard the local news about "a new infant died sleeping with his parents on the hospital bed". I've not, since I haven't watch much news since baby's birth. He said it has been a talk in his work place regarding this.

So that evening I went to our local newspaper websit (Daily Breeze) and found out about the incident. According to the newspaper, the father put his newborn baby boy (1 day old) on his chest while sleeping next to baby's mother on the same "small" hospital bed. The newborn somehow fell between the bodies of the father and mother and suffocated. His mother woke up 2.5 hour later and found the baby not breathing.

After reading it, I felt sorry for the parents. I know they must feel really hurt and sad after that accident. I don't think they meant for it to happen. They are juveniles and didn't seem to have followed the hospital's policy. They probably don't understand that sleeping together with an infant, one has to be VERY ALERT and EXTRA EXTRA careful to prevent similar situation from happening.

When I was in the hospital for Brandon's birth, the nurse and doctor reminded us every time they bring the baby in the bassinette into our room and told us to put the baby back on his bassinette if we planned to be sleeping. DO NOT SLEEP WITH THE NEWBORN on the same bed. That's the warning they repeated to us every time. We've been told earlier during our tour of the maternity ward at Little Company of Mary at Torrance, about the hospital policy not allowing co-sleeping of the newborn with the parents on the same bed.


Egghead said...

such a sad news indeed... let's hope something like this don't ever happen again :(

G said...

I feel so sorry for the parents, they must have been so devastated!! But yeah, over here is the same too, they keep reminding us never to sleep with a newborn on the same bed.

wHOisBaBy said...

egghead: hope so.

g: hospital here very strict because they dun want to get sued over this kind of matter that's why they kept reminding us about it.

Zara's Mama said...

Oh boy.. this is soooo sad..
I was obsessed and so worried about SID when Zara was younger.. that's why I didn't let her sleep in her own room as planned but let her sleep in a cot in our room.

wHOisBaBy said...

zara's mama: yea, brandon is sleeping with us in our bedroom too.