Aug 12, 2006

Krispy Kreme Doughnuts

Krispy Kreme the American Doughnuts. Recently, I heard the news that this chain has expanded their franchise to Hong Kong, first outlet in the Chinese Region.

Anyway, I took a stroll with baby walking to a nearby plaza for groceries shopping. While on the way back, we passed by a Krispy Kreme outlet and the sign HOT DOUGHNUTS was on. It has been quite a long time since I had a piece of their doughnuts (I love it but worry about the calories) so I went in to check it out. This outlet freshly make all the doughnuts, box them and send them to the local groceries stores for selling.

Sometimes when they are making fresh doughnuts and they will give their customers one free sample of their original glazed doughnut. I was hoping that they would do that, unfortunately not that day. I will buy anyway even if they gave me one free sample. Not too nice just to go in to get a freebie. And I know I will be getting at least a dozen of these sweet delicacies as buying one dozen is MUCH MUCH cheaper than buy by one piece. This is the American way. They want you to buy MORE.

Here is the math: Buy 1 = $0.89 - $0.99, Buy 1/2 dozen = $5.39, Buy 1 dozen = $6.99

Of course being me, is not really worth it to just buy 1/2 dozen since is so much cheaper to buy a dozen. So a dozen is what I bought - 4 original glazed, 2 maple glazed, 3 glazed with raspberry jelly filling, 2 twist and 1 chocolate glazed with creme filling.


G said...

Me & hubs sometimes buy 2 dozens, the normal ones and the assorted ones. I like the assorted ones ..nyummm. If I remember correctly think two boxes of those cost around AU$24

wHOisBaBy said...

g: wah 2 dozens! you two must have really really like doughnuts! I had 5 out of the dozen i bought. gave 4 to inlaws, hubby ate 3.

G said...

Anna: No lah, we don't like donuts that much but I've heard so much about Krispy Kreme before it came to Australia, so we decided to try it lor and my hubby buys it them once in a blue moon .. dunno why he buys two dozens each time, aiyooooo eat also jelak already hahaha.