Aug 30, 2006

Funny Moments

Just something I would like to remember.

1st Incident:

On a Friday evening (Aug 18th) right after the night feeding.

Mommy: Faster faster come in and set up the changing station. I think he did his business. Faster lar.

Daddy: *Walked into the bedroom from the study* *setting up the changing station on our bed*

Mommy: Today third time already.

Brandon: Woon Been! Woon Been! Woon Been! *change diaper in Cantonese*

Mommy & Daddy: ?!?!??!? *laugh out loud*

It was definitely a coincidence that Brandon said that. But it was really funny.

2nd Incident:

While driving, we passed by a newly built condominium for 55+ (senior housing).

Mommy: Nice condo. Better living in condominium than regular house when older.

Daddy: Ask Brandon to buy you one next time.

Brandon: mmmmm *that's a yes????*

Mommy & Daddy: ?!?!?? *laugh*


Vien said...

WAH! I see you will have an early talker there..hehe. This kinda rare moments must definitely jot down in the blog.

wHOisBaBy said...

vien: just a little funny guy. yea have to blog it, since we no longer keep a diary in this technology age.

G said...

Too funny indeed. Happened to us with our lil girl too, such coincidences.

wHOisBaBy said...

g: hehehe ... so ngam one!