Jul 26, 2006

Losing Hair on Scalp After Pregnancy

My hair is getting thinner by days. Lately, hairs been falling off countlessly every single day. I see my hairs everywhere, bedroom, dining room, living room, kitchen, bathroom ... and sometimes on Baby Brandon's body too.

Before pregnancy, regular hair loss was normal and it was far less than now. During pregnancy, wooh haa ... amazingly, never drop one single hair. Three months post pregnancy, still no hair loss. And then ... it slowly began ... during hair washing ... everywhere can see hair ... during combing .. everywhere also hair. Even just walking around, hair keep dropping off behind me.

Then I researched around the web, and found out that it is normal for hair loss after baby is born. It is temporary, and usually happens between weeks or months after the delivery. It is due to the sudden change in hormone level in our body. Also because our hair has been in a resting stage during the pregnancy and with the baby arrival, the resting stage has come to an end, and hair starting to fall out. While the old hair falls off, the new hair will grow. It will be back to the "normal" supposedly six months after the delivery.

During this period, get into a healthy diet which promote new hair growth. Also can take supplement of vitamin Bs and a good balance of protein diet. Some said MSM can help, but I am not taking it. Some also said going on hormone pills will help too, but I am not doing that either. I am just going to take the vitamin Bs supplement and see if it helps with my condition.

This is a good site for more information on Hair Changes during Pregnancy.


Egghead said...

my wife is still loosing hair... I think is becoz she is still breastfeeding :)

G said...

Wow thanks for the info and the link! I am so ignorant about this. I'm not sure if my hair has begun falling ... maybe not yet (judging from the shower floor). Moreover my hair is tied up in an old granny bun 24/7 except of course when showering. Good thing it is just temporary huh.

mom2ashley said...

yup! i was losing hair for 6 months. quite scary actually - when i run my hand thoruhg my hair, at least 3-4 strands of hair will drop.

Zara's Mama said...

Hey.. I heard breastfeeding will make your body loose minerals and hence hair will drop.. So maybe that's one of the reason too for you?

wHOisBaBy said...

egghead: regular hair loss is normal but if it is at an alarming rate, like my case, then i would be worry.

g: i wasn't sure what was going on either until i did a search.

mom2ashley: my case, when i comb hair after shower, a "bunch" of hair would come out. probably 20-30 may be.

zara's mama: was taking prenatal supplement during breastfeeding so not much hair loss then.

Tracy said...

Hahaha, (oops, don't mean to laugh)I heard from old folks saying dat once ur baby starts to laugh, u'll find dat u'll be loosing hair. Don't know how far this is true.

No worries, no worries, I do believe it's due to the hormonal change after delivery. Try not to depend too much on hormone pills, u might get 'addicted' to them. Do take a balance and healthy diet, dat might help.

wHOisBaBy said...

tracy: just worry new hair not growing as fast as the falling off old hair. hehehe