Feb 1, 2006

Ginger Time!

These are only 1/5 of the overall ginger we were peeling

MIL bought tonnes of gingers. It is time to start get the vinegar ginger ready. It will be one month away only. She said the longer the ginger in the vinegar pot, the better taste it will be. Anyway, my due date is beginning of March, so we still have about 1 month to go. But as every pregnant woman would know, every pregnancy is different and you never know when the baby will be here. So we have to get this vinegar pot ready soon.

MIL cleaned and cut out the unwanted pieces. So DH and I started the process of cleaning off the skin. We started last Monday and done on Wednesday. MIL used a big claypot which she cleaned and washed with rice water. She used the same claypot during her own confinement, which was 30 years ago.

The Process:
1. Skin Peeling.
2. After the skin came off, she ran water on all of the gingers and let it dried on a tray.
3. Smash the gingers to expose the inside a bit so the vinegar will seep in easily.
4. Pan fried the gingers - dry (no oil) for 1-3 minutes.
5. Arrange the gingers in the claypot.
6. Fill up with sweetened black vinegar.
7. Heat the pot until the boiling.
8. Turn off heat. Leave it as is.
9. Re-heat it until boiling once a week.
10. When the time comes, fill it with pork leg (or pork meat - cleaned and slightly cooked with boiling water to remove impurities) and hard-boiled eggs and re-boil the whole pot. WAH LAH - ready to eat with ginger fried rice!!!

The big 18" high claypot for the vinegar ginger


catherine said...

quite scary lo your 18" pot... LOL!

wHOisBaBy said...

yea, making a lot of vinegar. her mum wants to give to a lot of relatives she said. on top of that, my FIL and husband also like the ginger a lot, myself too. hehehe so have to make a lot of ginger.