Jan 25, 2005

Jan 25 2005

Too Busy To Blog

Since I am now back in KL, I have very little time to blog. I am busy with all kind of stuff. Hardly have time to sit down and watch TV. Anyway, I have been going out with families to eat and drink (coffee/tea only - no alcohol). Also going out to the mall (One Utama). Also doing some business too, meeting some suppliers and clients.

Besides that, I am very busy cleaning the condominium. Is in a mess. Luckily, Joo Yee cleaned it the day I came home. So I can concentrate on other chores at this moment. I've changed the curtains, going through stuff in the kitchen. Still need to wash the kitchen and balcony floor.

Joann also came back from Australia. This will be a very nice Chinese New Year since the three of us sisters and brother can spend CNY together. I still need to change some new bills to put into the lai see (Angpow). Oh yea, still waiting for this year ang pow packets. Usually banks will give them out earlier but this year is rather late.

I still have to do some new clothes shopping. Usually I don't get to buy new clothings and wear them on CNY in LA. So this year I can follow our traditional rituals - everything new on CNY. I also need a pair of shoe. I have too many shoes back in LA but I only brought the one I wore with me. I should've brought another new pair. But my suitcase was too full.

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