Mar 3, 2008

Happy Birthday Brandon!

My son turns 2 today! Time really passes too quickly. One moment I was pregnant and then he was here .... now he is turning 2. Cherish the moments!!!

Happy Birthday Brandon. Fai Goh Cheung Dai!!!!

Mommy and Daddy love you very much. Even though at times you give us a hard time and you get the scolding from me ... but inside I still love you so much. *hugs* *kisses* XOXO


Irene said...

Happy Birthday, Brandon!

Estee Soo said...

Happy Birthday Brandon!!! Hope you got lotsa presents.

Anonymous said...

a very belated birthday wishes for little brandon.

my son just had his second birthday too (16-feb) and it also seems like yesterday that i was nursing a newborn....then before i knew it, my newborn crawled, take his first step and began climbing up and jumping down the sofa like NOBODY BUSINESS!

crazymommy said...

Happy Birthday, Brandon!!