Dec 7, 2007

3 moms 10 babies in 2 days

Just saw it at Yahoo! News - A hospital in New Orlean welcomed 10 babies by 3 moms in 2 days. There were 2 sets of triplets and a set of quadruplets delivered by 3 mommies. Woo ... that's many babies there. We do see more multiple births in the recent years as many mothers are going for fertility help when they were trying to get pregnants.

I always fancy twins and triplets. But not sure if I can handle them by myself. But I guess if you will be able to handle it when the time comes. Just our of sudden, I had this feeling of missing my twin boys very much.


huisia said...

i like to see people who have twins or triplets, but, just nice to see not nice to care.

Angeleyes said...

A tag for you here....