Oct 19, 2007

Too hot for Disneyland

Today Hubby's Friday off. We were planning to either go to San Francisco for the weeken or Disneyland for today. We picked Disneyland. Another main reason was my client who is looking for business opportunity told me that he might be in town this weekend and I would like to be available if he calls me.

Disneyland was fun. Only one complain today - the hot weather. It was probably in the high 80s. Although I was wearing a white teeshirt but I was carrying a dark backpack so my back was all hot too. I forgot to bring a hat and sunglasses so I had to squint my eyes all the time. My head was all hot too. Lines wasn't that bad. We went to both, California Adventure and then stopped at Disneyland for the Small World Ride. Left around 1pm.

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