Oct 15, 2007

Sushi Lunch

Many of you might have known that I seldom cook, especially for lunch. I only get homemade lunch if I cooked dinner the night before. So if no dinner, then I get my lunch outside. Preferably, I would go somewhere nearby to get it. Well, everywhere near also need to drive the car. There's no hawker stalls or 'kopitiam' (coffee shop) here, or else I think I can eat the varieties of hawker food 7 days a week.

Anyway, last week I got a sushi lunch set (above picture). It comes with 4 pcs of inside out CA roll, 2 tuna sushi and 2 salmon sushi. This box cost $6.99 from Nijiya. I noticed there was a slight change in the taste after the price increased. The CA roll has no taste at all. The rice seemed to be missing some seasoning. I don't think I will go back for their sushi again after this time. Have to scout for new sushi place nearby my house next time.

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