Oct 23, 2007

Papa John's 4 meats Italian pizza

Above is the newest pizza available at Papa John's. It is the 4 meats Italian Pizza. One afternoon, Hubby and I decided to have pizza for lunch. Since there is a new promotion on this new pizza, Hubby wanted to try it out. I asked him, if this pizza has Parmesan cheese on it, he said "Nope!" I hate those sprinkle Parmesan cheese but OK with those freshly shredded Parmesan cheese on salad.

Since he confidently said no Parmesan cheese, I gave the OK sign to order it. He went to place the order while Brandon and I went to Albertson to shop for groceries. The moment we went inside the car, I could smell the Parmesan Cheese. I ask him if he smelled it too but he said "Nope!"

Arrived home and we digged into the pizza. I took my first bite and immediately I had to spit it out because there was Parmesan Cheese in it. Yes, I am very sensitive to the taste. I had to find something else for my lunch. Guess who finish the whole pizza? Hubby did. He ate 4 slices for lunch and another 4 slices he brought to work for his next day lunch.

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Vien said...

Wei, sore throat dont eat pizza lor.