Oct 25, 2007

MIL made herbal soup for me

Today I am blogging about how nice my MIL is. She suggested to boil some Chinese herbal soup for me to cure my cough and sore throat. She called her Chinese doctor in Macau to get the needed herbs for the concoction mixture. I don't have the list with me, but next time I will definitely get it from her.

She has a lot of herbs at home as she frequently boil them for herself as well as for FIL. She only needed to buy two items from the herbal shop. She said the doctor friend of hers told her that I only need to drink 2 'jai' (times), once a day. I had one big bowl of darkie soup this afternoon after my lunch.

I felt the immediately effect on my throat. It feels much soother and comfortable. I know, if you are not Chinese, you may think it looks like mud water, and yes, it also taste like mud water too.


NomadicMom said...

Hi! First time here... Yes. Your MIL is nice to boil soup for you to drink!!

huisia said...

your MIL quite nice to you :)
hope you get well soon!