Oct 23, 2007

Jujube at Farmer's Market

Forgot to take the price board. I don't remember how much they were selling these for. There were too many people in the front so I took a picture from the back.

These are jujubes, also knows as red dates - 'hoong jo'. But this is a different variety as they are huge compared to the regular red dates we used to boil soup. They are crunchy and taste like a tarty little green apple. My MIL has a normal jujube plant in her backyard. Every year she dried them up and keep them. She doesn't use much of them. If I boil a lot of soup then I will probably use a lot of these but I seldom cook soup now.

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Vien said...

Oh, I didn't knw that's hoong jo! I've seen it so many times and it didnt cross my mind.