Oct 22, 2007

Hot and Dry weather

It is the Santa Ana wind blowing that made our weather very dry and hot. There are several wild fires in Southern California that yet to be contained. It is really bad as there is even a red flag warning which is up until tomorrow.

Yesterday we planned to visit Irvine Railroad in Orange for its pumpkin patch festival. Hubby cousin whom left earlier than we did called to let us know it was closed due to the windy condition. We were on 91 freeway heading to the 55 fwy. After passing 5 fwy, we noticed the windy condition but didn't know it was that bad. We detour and went down to Irvine Tanaka Farm for its pumpkin patch but it was also windy there and dust flying everywhere. They were opened but we decided to leave and went back home. It was hot in Gardena but at least no wind.

Today and tomorrow will be good weather to bring out all the laundry to dry. May be planning to wash a load of bedsheets and towels tomorrow.

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