Oct 1, 2007

Can't live without computer

I can't live without my computer. It is one of the most important 'thing' in my daily life. It is the first thing I turn on when I wake up in the morning and the last thing I turn off before I go to bed. So, if anything happened to my computer, I am totally disconnected from the outside world.

I stay in touch with my family through internet, thus using my computer. I blog to earn extra income, thus using my computer. I search real estate properties for my clients online, which means I also use my computer. I download/share/edit pictures using Adobe Photshop so I need my computer.

It is very crucial that your computer is well kept and make sure that you have virus protection software or if you don't have one then don't simply open any email that has an attachment with it even it was sent by your best friend.

But if something happened to my computer, I always check online for computer help. I actually learn a lot from these forums. I sometimes pick up tricks to fix my computer myself. Most importantly I don't have to bring my computer out to repair which will cost me my time away from the computer.

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