Oct 24, 2007

Bad wild fires in Los Angeles

There are so many wild fires in and around Los Angeles. All started on Sunday when the dry and hot Santa Ana wind started coming down from the desert. The wind which comes down from the high desert through the hill and into the valley will increase its temperature as it descends the hill into the valley. This dry and windy condition is what we don't look forward too as it always comes with red flag warning.

There were several wild fires started on Sunday, in Malibu, Castaic, Mission Viejo, San Bernardino Mountain and part of San Diego too. This is one of the worst wild fires we have in years. So many structures were destroyed and many more residents were evacuated from their home. We definitely looking forward for the cooler weather to come to help calm down the fire. Not all of the wild fires have been fully contained. At least not until the weather is better.

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