Oct 9, 2007

3 hours parenting class

On Tuesday we attend the parenting class from 9am to 1215pm at Torrance Adult School. We usually leave our home around 9am or later. It depends what time my son wakes up that morning. We never stay till the end of class. We leave after break/snack time.

Today, we left home around 910am. My son woke up 10 minutes to 9am but he already took his milk at 630am. After changing him, we would be able to leave at exactly 9am but our poolman parked his car in front of the garage so we couldn't back our car out. The poolman left at 9:05am and we left immediately.

Took us 15 minutes to arrived and another 5 minutes to walk to the school because we had to park off campus. When we got there, the class already half way through singing.

Like every other time, my son will bug me to leave after snack time around 1030am. His cue about leaving is pointing to the door and saying, "Bag." I tried to distract him to stay longer in the class but usually that will not work. He will continue telling me to take our diaper bag and let's go home.

So a 3 hours class is only 1.5 hours the most for us. But good enough to get out the house to spend sometime in a different environment.


BlurMommy said...

3 hours is a long time! Even C's class is only 2 hrs. I think at his age, 1.5 hrs is pretty good! :)

Lovely Mummy said...

i dont think here having any parenting class. so good to attend it and is a good experience too...

wHOisBaBy said...

blurmommy: i think so too, but yet most of the parents whom came for class stay till the end. mine is just too marfun, he wants to go means he wants to go. somemore ask me to take my diaper bag.

lovely mummy: is nice, kinda a new environment for him to TRY mixing with some kids his age. but usually at this age, they play individually.