Sep 27, 2007

This is why I can't let 'them' care for my son

I am mad now. Really mad. Why? The reason is because 'they' just don't know how to care for baby. They came to play with him this afternoon like every other day. I also don't know how to say this but they just don't know when the baby diaper needs to be change. That's one main reason why I don't leave my son with them.

Just moment ago, MIL came to tell me that I need to change him because he peed on his fitted cloth diaper. I said OK, let me change him, then when I opened up the diaper, there was the big flattened poop in there too. My head start steaming already.

Then I said out loudly, he pooped. You know what she said? She said, "No wonder I smelled something weird weird." Aiyo, if you smelled something weird then tell me mar. You were the one whom sitting and carrying him around. Geram because of her for not informing me earlier, and she thought I angry of Brandon.

The poop settled down the cloth diaper for quite a while and the yellow stain was difficult to wash off. If the poop was discover fresh, it is very easy to wash off from the Kissaluv fitted cloth diaper.

That's why I can't let anyone else to take care of my son because they just don't know how to care of baby. Not much experience or should I say 'expired' experience.


Angeleeys said...

Only we know our kids well...
Can never depend on others. That's why my biggest headache is looking for someone to care for Darrius.

wHOisBaBy said...

angeleyes: yes, totally agree!!