Sep 27, 2007

Tag: Only the Truth

Miss Sasha, Jayden's Mama, sent me this tag a week or so back which I almost forgot about it. So I better get this done before other tag me again.

This tag is about what you don't like people asking, doing, saying or telling you about. List a few stuff that you don't like others to say, ask, or tell you. Stuff you think that irritates you.

When MIL comes over, she always asks, "Have you fed him yet?"
Of course I finished feeding him or else I won't call you to come over to play with him.

While paying at the register, the cashier asks, "Do you want to apply for our credit card? Can get 10% off today."
No thank you!

At the casino, the security guard asks, "Can I see your ID?"
It's good to look young, but is annoying being asked every single time.

These are the people who had told us the only truth about them:

Ogre the Caveman

Janice This Is Miracle

Trinity from Rooms Of My Heart

Rinnah from it's All About The Spins...

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Sasha's Tags & Such

Family, Friends, Food and Fun

I want to know the trust from 2 bloggers:

My cousin, Eiko-chan

Another CA Malaysian blogger, Vien

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