Sep 25, 2007

Selling on Ebay

It is fun. I do ebay, sell and buy, but mostly I sell stuff on Ebay. Before doing blogging for extra income, I use ebay to sell away my unwanted stuff, kinda a way to clear out my closet. I've done over 50 transactions within 2 years. This is not much compare to some other power sellers. But the main thing is I enjoy doing it.

I do less now as my son is becoming more and more demanding. I can't sit too long in front of my computer and I can't shop for good deals or cheap stuff to ebay. It is really time consuming putting a layout and description together, sometimes. But there are also easy time when I've sold a similar item before and I can use the same template, probably just alter a little here and there.

It is exciting to see your listed item going up in price. Sitting in the corner of my study room are bags of stuff that I still need to list them off. I better get them done by end of this month as Ebay is giving out free listing fee with a gallery picture purchase.

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