Sep 7, 2007

Nice Weather

Been too hot for the past two weeks. Finally, our weather has cooled down quite a bit. No longer as humid as last weekend. But I also noticed that it gets darker sooner too. Yesterday, while walking around the block with our little one, the sky got dark around 720pm. Not used to this, I prefer longer day time.


LiL'deviL said...

Just the opposite over here! *wink*
I also love the longer daytime.

Huisia said...

going autumn soon?

1+2mom said...

Nice templet and you look pretty and young too. So nice to have 4 season, but Malaysia dun have.

wHOisBaBy said...

lil'devil: ya, always opposite one lar. should get a house there so we can escape the season when we want to.

huisia: yup, fall is here.

1+2mom: thanks. the season ok ok lar. i like malaysian weather more. got thunderstorm and rain. here not much rain. very dry.