Sep 16, 2007

My cousin had Lasik

I was shocked to see my cousin during my trip to Malaysia. He looked so much different without his glasses. And he is more good looking now than before. He told me he had Lasik done a while back. He is so happy now that he doesn't have to worry about his nerdy glasses anymore.

How I wish I can persuade my husband to have Lasik. Mainly, he worries about the procedure and the cost. I recommended him to read all information about Lasik from They provide free service to all patients. Most importantly, from their website you can find a list of certified doctors and use the right questions to screen for a good surgeon for your Lasik. I hope the doctor we eventually found, has contract with our medical insurance coverage and offers Lasik on a discounted rate. If so, the chances of my husband have a Lasik done is much higher.

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