Aug 2, 2007

PPP is hot!

This morning I woke up rather early while my son was still sleeping. He is still sleeping now. So I thought I can peaceful write some PPP. I checked earlier, there was nothing available. A while later, I clicked, mind you I refresh the page quite frequently though I was chatting with my cousin sister about Harry Potter. When I clicked it, I saw a few new opps, but they were already grey. I thought, WOW, they were so HOT ... guess people were sitting in front of the computer like me and keep refreshing the page every 1 minute. Then I refreshed again, saw a few more new opps but they were also grey. I really wonder how many ... *let me go refresh first, ok nothing new* .... how many posts available per opp?

1 comment:

Huisia said...

haha..ya,very hot,if i can grab one then that day will be a very lucky day for me