Aug 30, 2007

No computer time for Mommy

Aiya, my boy very 'cham' one. He doesn't let me sit in front of my laptop. Everytime, when it's just me and him at home, he always pull me away from my laptop. He is tall enough now that his little fingers can reach my right hands on my mouse and grab one of my fingers and then pull me away from the dining table. A lot of times I stand to type my post or bloghop. Ya, you may notice my comments may have spelling error. Because he might be in the midst of pulling me away when I was trying to finish up the comment and quickly click submit.

So during the daytime, I only can do computer/blogging/surfing when he is napping or early in the morning before he wakes up. This little demanding boy wants mommy to play with him instead of sitting in front of her laptop.


BlurMommy said...

yalor, me too! Mine is a chatterbox. She will talk & whine till I beh tahan & give in!! Or she'll give me a pitiful face & make me feel guilty. * sigh*

wHOisBaBy said...

blurmommy: can make faces somemore. i wonder how mine will react to me in front of the laptop when he is older? worse?! hopefully noT.