Aug 20, 2007

My good morning

This morning I was able to get up early at 7am and finished my bedsheet laundry and my breakfast before my son woke up. I actually fed him at 730am so he was able to sleep in a little bit more. He slept until 9am. He is now sitting next to me watching the DVD. It is much better this way as I can get most of my stuff done before he joins me in the morning. This is the kind of morning I like!


huisia said...

Ya,this was a lovely morning without much disturbance by your son.
At times, i do hope i can have this peaceful time :)

wHOisBaBy said...

fuyoh, you no need to slee ah huisia?! hehe ... waiting for opps rite? ya, i like peaceful morning like this, but not often though i will have it.