Aug 30, 2007

Itchy hands

Hands very itchy since beginning of the week. Itchy to shop, shop, shop and buy, buy, buy. I hardly have time to shop, online or at brick and mortar. So long I've never shop for myself already. Earn money must also spend on myself rite?

Been looking for a baby sling which I can use to carry Brandon. Don't know if this is consider for myself. Anyway, he is getting bigger. Ya, he can walk but sometimes he still want me to carry him.

I am looking into Slinglings. If you interested to look at their website, add a dot com at the end. I think PU2B offered this slings to posties for reviews. That's how I found out about this sling. Can use for up to 35lbs. My boy currently weigh about 26lbs. I see picture of older kids in the sling on their website.

Promotion they are having - buy 3 for the price of 2. Total price approximately $90 for 3, plus shipping, $8. Should I buy?! So tempting by their promo. Most other brand slings around $40-$60 each.

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Grace said...

eh mehnon wants to be carried often meh? so heavy woh :P do u see many ppl using the sling in LA? Over here we got STARED point blank at by Ang Mohs in the malls or anywhere we went *LOL*. At one time an Ang Moh lady came up to us and said that its wonderful to see someone using it bcoz she's been promoting the use of Slings at her breastfeeding association :) Kiwi G was the one who wore the sling every time we went out, hehe. He said stares didnt bother him at all :)