Aug 30, 2007

First Artwork (on paper)

Long time no post pictures here. Let me show you one today. This is my boy's first on paper artwork. He did his first art work on my wall remember?

But now we've trained him to do art work ONLY on the Mala Easel from Ikea. He likes drawing circles on the easel with crayons, sometimes pen or pencil.

He also likes to ask me to draw for him his 'yeh yeh' (paternal grandpa). When he requested for this, I usually draw him a doodle man mowing the lawn. He refers that stickman his 'yeh yeh'.


Sasha said...

so good ..only draw on the easel. Jayden draw on my other books as well...that notty boy of mine

LiL'deviL said...

Nice work Brandon! So where's the yeh yeh?

wHOisBaBy said...

sasha: must train one. kena smacking many times if he took the crayons away from the easel. they can understand fast.

lil'devil: may be the stick figure at the back of the paper. we used both sides. =)