Aug 10, 2007

Economy Tickets

I was even more nosy ... I went to check on two economy tickets on Eva Air. One adult and one child ticket. The price for adult ticket is $900 (taxes included) and child ticket is $738, total is $1638. Weekend departure will add an additional $50 per ticket.

If deluxe class ticket will cost $1219 for the adult and the infant ticket is around $350. Total for deluxe will be $1569. Btw, when I tried to search for the date I wanted to travel, deluxe class already sold out. Only economy is available. So is like an extra $100 I get two seats in economy instead of deluxe class.

One thing about Eva Air is that they always very fully booked. I've never been on a 50% or even 75% full Eva Air. Most of the time is like 99% full. Very seldom have I seen any empty seat. But when I first came to US, I travelled on MAS, I get the whole row of seat for myself - THREE SEATS by the window for myself and my backpack!!!!


eiko-chan aka kimchi said...

Oh no no, where got nosy lar! You know you miss me XD! And Kaijie and Kammo and everyone else and ME and food and ME! Kekekekekekekeke!

Gosh, so perasan XD!~

Come back yeah, muaks!~

Vien said...

Did you try Cathay? I always fly with Cathay 'cos the layover is shorter than EVA. Furthermore, HKIA has more stuff to see.

Blur Mommy said...

Yep, I think all flights to Taiwan are always full. Maybe u can try other airlines.