Aug 25, 2007

Ebi Ten Don

Sometimes I really don't know what to eat for lunch. I am lazy no time to make myself good lunch. And eating out is not as easy as in Malaysia where by I can have gazillion choice of hawker, Chinese, Malay, Indian food to choose from. Here is either fast food, or fast food. Not much what I like.

Above is a rice box which I got from Nijiya, a Japanese Market Place I go often (at least once a week). This is an Ebi Ten Don, Shrimp with organic rice for $3.99. It comes with 2 tempura shrimps. So so lar the shrimp, not particularly good. Its ingredients include - shrimp, tempura (flour, vegetable oil & salt), steamed organic rice, soy sauce, sugar, Mirin cooking wine, pickled ginger, dried seaweed and green onion.

Will I buy it again? Ehh ... may be not.

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