Jul 24, 2007

Subway for dinner

I am very lazy lately, don't really have any idea what to cook for dinner. Yesterday night we had dinner at the ILs because it was SIL's birthday.

For today, I asked Hubby to tapow (take out) when he is returning home from work. Tonight we will be having Subway - our regular 12" Cold Cut Sandwich. Yes, 1 sandwich share among the 3 (including my 16 months boy) of us. Should be enough. If not then Hubby can have the birthday cake and the coffee creampuff from Beard Papa's.


huisia said...

1 sandwich share by 3? enough?

G @ mommibee.com said...

believe it or not i hv never tried subway altho it's everywhere. found ur nursery rhyme post, thanks - baby genius CDs right? i'm actually looking for DVDs so she could follow the actions :D

G @ mommibee.com said...

Tagged u ... it is for charity. Sorry if u've been tagged this already. If not, pls feel free to do it in whichever of ur blog :)

LA My Home said...

huisia: welcome back!! ya 1 sandwich shared by 3 of us.

grace: oh u lookin for dvds. i need to find some new ones for brandon too. bb einstein is getting boring for me, not him though. thanks for the tag, of course i will be glad to get it done. for charity mar.