Jul 3, 2007

The garbage truck

Why lar must the garbage truck comes when I was trying to put my boyboy to his afternoon nap? It was around 1245pm, I've just finished feeding his porridge for lunch. We laid together on the mattress in the dining area, as our bedroom is just too warm in the afternoon. The children music was playing.

When my boy heard the sound of the garbage truck which was very loud, he basically jumped up from the mattress and requested for me to take him to the living room window so he can observe the garbage truck from there. He was almost falling asleep already, eyes already almost close. But the thing was the garbage truck was not even on our street yet, it was still picking up trashes from the gated community behind our house.

Since he was not sleeping, I thought I would take him to potty see got pee or not. He sat there for 2 minutes and nothing yet, then he heard the garbage truck again and he jumped up from the potty and wanted me to carry him. I told him to sit and finish his potty. He peed only a little and then I carried him out diaperless and let him see the garbage truck which was picking up trash across our house. Then we waited for the truck to come to pick our trash but it didn't come. Waited for 5 minutes, still not come. Told my boy that we go in put on diaper first then come back. I changed him into a new diaper, and came back and I was trying to put him to sleep. Then the garbage truck sound was heard. He jumped up again and ran out to the living room. But there was no garbage truck. He wanted to wait, then suddenly I felt the diaper area became warm. He peed in the diaper loh. Just now didn't finish mar.

I thought I could take my lunch peacefully after he fell asleep, but it is now 230pm and he is walking like a zombie, head up with eyes looking onto the ceiling, around me and kept wanted my attention and all. Tried many times to rock, carry, tapuk him to sleep but nothing worked. I guess I can combine my lunch with my early dinner later. Now he is touching my dishwasher and trying to turn the knob and crying for me to help him.


Sasha said...

passed his nap time of cos la...poor guy must be abit blur blur

huisia said...

seemed like the garbabge truck was the culprit LOL..

wHOisBaBy said...

sasha: ya loh, lately he didn't want to sleep afternoon, so kek hey only me. come evening time he sure very grouchy.

huisia: ya ... bad garbage truck!