Jun 17, 2007

What lar Mandarin Oriental Kuala Lumpur

Remember my cousin just had a wedding banquet at Mandarin Oriental, Kuala Lumpur. Hey, their per table banquet rate is very expensive. The food is nice but the service was a bit so so (according to the host's sister - service was BAD).

My aunt (groom's mom) just told me that when my relatives asked for plastic bag / box to pack the dessert their table had and the waiter denied them for one. My cousin (her mother asking for plastic bag) then told me the server told her mom that the hotel doesn't let their patrons 'tar pow' (take away) the plate of untouched dessert from the dinner. The server then went back to tell the supervisor/manager, he/she came with the server and repeated the same thing - no regulation for guests to take back leftover food from their own table, even it is the host's relatives. Groom's mother didn't know about it until later. The server said only the person whom host the dinner can ask for packing stuff. Isn't this weird? The Hotel so 'pa pai'.

Also there were 3 empty tables (guests didn't turn up) ... all the food were wasted (probably eaten by the server later) and all these tables had been paid up front already. The hotel never like pack the untouched food for the host to bring back. WOW ... what lar like that. Hosts where got time to tell the hotel everything what to do on their big day. How they know lar got 3 empty tables. And the hotel say the host didn't tell us to pack the food. If the hotel is providing top notch service, they should pack the stuff and at least acknowledge the family about it and if the family wants to bring back then easily take it with them.

May be this may look like a small matter to you, but I do not like it when my godma was denied for a small plastic bag so she could bring the dessert back for her grandson. I mean ... come on lar ... I know it may feel weird to tarpow from wedding dinner ... but the plate was untouched because everyone was full already ... just give them a box of plastic bag lar. Or else, state you need to bring your own tupperware if you want to tarpow.

Edit: Cousin added said service very bad (see comment). Had to asked a few times before she got her refills for her drink. Also, supposedly all guests get a keychain (RM29.90), but only one person from our family got it. That's so weird. Most distance relatives from Penang got the keychains. But our immediate family only groom's grandma got it.


eiko-chan aka kimchi said...

Anna jiejie, NOT ONLY THAT!
They serve really nice fruit punch! However, i wanted to change my glass of drink (thought someone drank it before) and had to ask THREE TIMES before i get a new glass (forgot about me)!

A couple of times i want a refill (you know i drink alot one lar), i had to ask at least twice before i get my refill (almost everytime)!

The stupidest part is, once i asked the "head server" or supervisor for the refill, and they totally forgot about me that i have to ask again later (= =")... what kinda supervisor is that?
(The normal servers wear brown colour, the heads wear black)

I forgot to mention it to my brother, otherwise ask him to complain (maybe get discount?)! Drats!

LiL'deviL said...

Haiyo, never expect such bad service from such high rated hotel. MUST COMPLAIN!!! But make sure do the complain in writing, like letter or email. They value feedbacks and maybe you can get something in return. Request for all the untaken keychains, if they are nice. If not, then vouchers would be good too, since they won't give you back the money. Aiyo, why all pay upfront before the dinner one? Half half mar! Then can discount. But looking at the groom's attitude I don't think he cares. Only his sister is the big complaint...sorry eiko! Remember ahh...MUST COMPLAIN!!!

G @ mommibee.com said...

hope they see this blog entry!

wHOisBaBy said...

grace: yup, that's what i want ... for them to see this post.