Jun 22, 2007

Orderred Cloth Diapers

I searched so many websites and finally found one that is offering a promotional free shipping for all orders places in the month of June, even it means you are buying just 1 diaper. Other places do provide free shipping but usually there is a minimum amount to purchase.

I am undecided which brand to go with, that is why I am trying to get different brands to try first. I got 1 Twilight BumGenius 2.0, one size fits all and a Navy Blue Fuzzi Buns Medium Size. Also added a terry cloth insert for $3.00 to my order, although each comes with an insert already, I thought getting an extra to double up for night use.

Each of these diapers cost $17.95. No tax because the internet store I am orderring from is located in FL, so only charges sales tax for FL orders. Wanted to get a DryBees but they are $15.95 + another $3 for an insert. My total for this order is $38.90. Hopefully will get it soon, I can't wait to try it on Brandon.


eiko-chan aka kimchi said...

Ooh, is it the same as the one i've read about on Zara and Zaria (mytwogirls)'s mom's blog?

Let me know if its good ne =D! Hahaha! Then can order *wink*!~ Its much more environmental friendly too =)!

Vien said...

Got mine! ;) We will test 'em together..hehe