May 14, 2007

Funnies in the Bedroom

It happened on Saturday morning right after we woke up. Conversation was in Cantonese.

Hubby: *taking out a tee-shirt from his dresser, getting ready to jump into the shower*
Me: You wearing tee-shirt ah?
Hubby: Why?
Me: *giving him a funny look*
Hubby: OK OK, I wear something else.
Me: So you saw my blog rite?
Hubby: Ya ya ... always complain complain only. *taking out another collar/polo shirt and putting away the tee-shirt* Last few days so busy sitting in front of the computer typing complain complain so long about me. *motioning his fingers typing on keyboard*
Me: *giggle* Cannot meh? You lar, so many things to complain about. But good lar, now you got read ah, then you can change mar.
Hubby: Ya ya ... you can go on and typing non-stop, if people tag you for 20, you sure can type another 20 complains about me.
Me: Ya ... got 30 also can type up to 30! No problem for me. *giggle*


jazzmint said...

haha...yaya list can go on and on, infiniti LOL

huisia said...

LOL...ditto with Jazz..

Pei Sze said...

Poor hubby.

G said...

haha that's cute! my hubs never reads my blogspot blog except the times when I was posting abt bee long ago. when i moved to, he only reads now. so that day he saw me reading ur tag abt how hubby annoys u, so i told him, hah - nx time if i get tagged this, u will surely want to read my blogspot ahhaha (which i am sure he WILL)

Sweetpea said...

at least he didn't punish you :P i got a tag for you.. or have i told u already? :P

Angeleyes said...

He's taking it fine eh???
I think your hubby is those easy going type and he don't take things so personally rite?

Binky, Blogging & Such said...

haha... he is obedient!

wHOisBaBy said...

jazzmint & huisia: can go on and on and on and ...

peisze: i will come up with something good soon, just need time to write it out.

grace: aiya, my hubby kpc mar like i said, he likes to read mine and OTHERs blogs too.

sweetpea: ok will get on the tag soon ya.

angeleyes: he is fine. just me that is the susah one. not him. i complaint but he no complaint, well hopefully not.

binky: he is a very nice guy indeed. but that doesn't mean he is perfect.

Sasha said...

kakkaka so cham!