Mar 4, 2007

A Surprised Birthday Card

Guess guess guess ... who sent Brandon the above "surprise" Pooh 1 year old Birthday Card? It's from Isabelle Yan. Thanks Belle, Vien and Jon. You're so thoughtful. Vien really knows when the right time to mail out the card as the birthday card arrived just on the right day and right time. The mailman delivered it around 1145am, just right about time the party was going to start. After I received the card, I wondered where Vien got my home address? Did she google it? Then she told me she got it from RamblingMoo. I really have more friends in the blogging world than here locally.


kate rogers said...

Wow! That is so cute. Love the card. Such a wonderful gesture. Blogging friends do rock.
Good luck to you. Happy Birthday Brandon.
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mama bok said...

Can you give me your email addy..??

Angeleyes said...

yeah yeah... it's me the culprit! hehehhe but guess I'm the only one who has met you...:P

The card is lovely!

wHOisBaBy said...

kate rogers: thanks for your wishes.

mamabok: already submitted to your chat box. see if you got it. thanks.

angeleyes: i should have known as no one else have my address beside you. *wink* but my hubby thought she might have googled my address online. you know lar, nowadays a lot of things can be googled.

G said...

Happy Belated Bday Brandon!!! Sorry for this late wish!! Anna u did a superb job with the photo printouts and decorating ur home for the bday as well as preparing the food!! I could never do it! Ur hubs must be soo proud of u!!! Hope he gave u a full body massage after that hahaha! The bday cake is beautiful and huge ... good value for money. I know it'll cost a bomb for that size here. The surprise bday card is a very nice gesture indeed. I haven't absorbed all of your recent posts, will need to come back second time to re-read when Bee takes her Round 2 nap, hehe.

wHOisBaBy said...

grace: no massage worh ... somemore that night, he slept first. but he helped with the clean up and wash the dishes after the guests left. wah you think the cake price is reasonable? converted to RM is around RM200 already worh. but the cake is so delicious. now that i already finished the leftover, i am thinking of buying another one for myself to eat. hehehe