Mar 12, 2007

03/12 - Moments to Remember

In the bedroom, Brandon sitting beside Daddy on the bed.

Mommy: Brandon, where is Daddy?

Brandon: *pointing to our wedding picture on the bedroom wall*

Mommy: Brandon, where is "chan" (real) Daddy?

Brandon: *pointing at Daddy's chest*


Another occassion when we were about to go out kaikai. Daddy was helping Brandon to put on socks. Mommy noticed Brandon's messy hair.

Mommy to Daddy: *in cantonese* Chiok yuen mat, tong hoi soh tau. (after wearing socks, help comb his hair)

Upon hearing Mommy said "soh tau" which means comb hair, Brandon placed his right hand above his right ear near his hair and pretending to comb his hair using his fingers. This is his sign language for "soh tau", comb hair. Funny thing was I wasn't talking to him.


Sasha said...

hey for a 1 yr old can understand that's not bad man!

Vien said...

Kids pick up languages very fast..continue to talk to him. :)

G said...

Such a smart boy, very alert :D Must be so fun now!

jazzmint said...

hehe he understands cantonese as well eh

sue said...

Such a smart baby :) Continue to speak mother tongue to him, you'll be glad later.

wHOisBaBy said...

sasha & vien: now must watch what we talk in front of him. scare he picks up "unnecessary words".

grace: yea getting more fun ... at the same time more exhausted because he requires more attention.

jazzmint: we speak a mixture of msian english (from me) and msian cantonese (from me too). grandma speaks to him in 100% canto.

sue: we will, we know that once he starts school here, he may not want to speak canto at home. but at least he understands. will hope to enforce him to speak chinese when he is home.