Jan 27, 2007

Fast and Easy Lunch

I have my lunch when Brandon is taking his late morning/early afternoon nap. It is difficult to say how long he'll be taking his nap. Sometimes it will be 30 mins and sometimes an hour.

Unlike back in Malaysia where is so easily to get delicious and cheap hawker food, here we have easy access to FAST FOOD outlets. But I don't consider them as healthy food. Also, we can't walk out to get them, we have to drive. So with the short time I have to take my lunch, I do it the simple way. Sometimes I will have leftover from dinner the night before if I made an extra portion for my next day lunch. Or sometimes I just eat whatever I find in my fridge.

Prepared frozen food comes in handy all the time. I bought this Marie Callendar's 'Honey Roasted Chicken Breast' frozen food package from Albertson last week when it was on sale for $2 per pack (regular price $3.99). It is very easy to prepare. Place in the microwave and heat it and the lunch is ready in 5-7 minutes. I tried this and it was GOOD. The mashed potatoes is fluffy and the green beans is quite good indeed, not too soggy. The chicken is delicious too. To me it is not bad lar, can eat lar, better than bread and jam. May be I am not that kind of picky person who will simply eat anything that is "good" (but I don't like certain cheeses - goat cheese, provolone, blue cheese).


G - Mom to a Bee said...

US$2 - that's so cheap and good value for a yummy lunch, looks real good! I could eat that everyday at that price LOL. Sigh ya loh, i agree with u, very sien when we rememebr how convenient it is to ta-pau makan in Msian. Bee's nap duration is not impressive, also 30 mins to 1hr (occasionally 2 hours, very seldom ler) - very difficult to do much

Angeleyes said...

I used to buy these frozen stuff when I was studying in Perth though my aunt will normally cook but sometimes for the fun and adventurous sake I will try some of these... taste not bad at all! I think it cost about AU$4.99 then.

wHOisBaBy said...

grace: yalor, so easy back in kl ... eat also not to worry ... somemore cheap and delicious food. really miss that.

angeleyes: must try those frozen food when living abroad of course lar. because those cannot get in malaysia one. hehehee