Dec 7, 2006

Putrajaya on Nov 19th

Our two weeks vacation time was so precious and we spent most of the time strictly with our relatives only. I didn't even have time to inform my ex-schoolmates and friends about our trip and therefore we didn't get to meet up either. My Hubby's last trip to KL was during our wedding which was 6 years ago. It has then changed a lot but I didn't bring him out for sightseeing during our trip to KL this time. Mostly time spent outside were at the mall except this trip to Putrajaya and Cyberjaya.

My cousin brother drove us to Putrajaya on Sunday, November 19th. My sister and Ethan didn't come along as she said there was nothing there to do and she's been there couple of times last year. I told her to come along so Ethan could sleep during the car ride but she was too lazy. So it was just my cousin, Chris, Hubby, Brandon and Me.

We started our journey after lunch at Chow Yang's seafood noodle. It began raining when we past Puchong LDP toll. Chris drove us around Putrajaya while introducing the specific architecture buildings and bridges to us. He knows a lot about the buildings as he has many friends whom were involved in the process of the constructions. We drove along the Boulevard (I think that is the name for the long street in front of the Prime Minister Office). The rained stopped when we arrived in front of the Mosque. We parked the car and went down for a walk. Brandon woke up (he has been sleeping since we started our drive from TTDI). The air outside was a little steamy due to the rain earlier but it was better than the hot sun. We were able to get a few family pictures while Chris be the photographer.

After walking around the mosque and the lake side restaurants, we left for Cyberjaya. First, we drove by the police station (the only police station) in Cyberjaya. It is really high tech compared to the "regular" police station. Chris said there are not many crimes in Cyberjaya, but a lot of traffic offenses for speeding. Chris's office, C2 Consult is located in Cyberjaya but we didn't stop at his office. I've been to his office during my last trip back to KL in 2005. Then we stopped for a cup of white coffee from Ipoh at Old Kopi Tiam (nearby the University) before we went home.

A Family Picture at Putrajaya Boulevard

Daddy and Brandon in front of the Beautiful Mosque at Putrajaya

Another Family Picture beside the lakeside near the mosque

Chris, Brandon and Daddy


G said...

waa such nice happy family pics :D u are so slim *envy* the times i went back to kl, i too didnt hv much time to meet all friends as family, cousins and relatives alone already took up all our appointments lol.

vien said...

I noticed you guys are as dress down as us (when in KL)..hehe. The weather was damn hot hor?

Pinky said...

Hi - Just stopped here to say that you have a really nice blog (really like reading it) and a cute little boy. Like you I got married 6 years ago and my son, Jeremy will beapproaching his 6 month old milestone this week!

Zara's Mama said...

Hey you were back home!

Hope you had a wonderful time with your family..

The photos are great!

wHOisBaBy said...

g: only face slim, body still got fat fat, especially tummy area.

vien: too hot! hubby brought jeans and sneakers but ended up wearing shorts and slippers.

pinky: thanks for visiting. wah ... another 2006 baby!

zara's mama: we did have a very nice time but too short of the stay that i couldn't meet up with any blogger mommies.