Oct 30, 2006

Been MIA

No update lately as I've spent less time in front of the computer due to lower back pain that affected almost my whole right side of the body (leg and arm too). I think I might have sprained myself when carrying Brandon while walking down two flights of stairs (Daddy was carrying his travel system car seat). I didn't know that until I got home and felt a sharp pain on my right lower back. It has been a week since the incident and I don't feel much better. Need to go for back therapy again. The Chinese Doctor went for holiday and supposed to be back by this week. Will have to leave her a message for her to call me when she is back.

EDIT: My Chinese Doctor fell down and hurt herself. She cancelled her holiday vacation and was at home resting. She said it may take another week for her to fully recovered. So I have to wait. May try to find another doctor to help me fix the problem. I think I dislocated my lower backbone somewhere ... I can see my waist and upper part of my body a little crocked to my left side.


G said...

ouch poor u! any pain is miserable! pls get well soon!!

Jess said...

Hi there! I have been reading your blog for the past few days. And i do enjoy your blog every much. My little girl have her own photo blog claudiawallace@blogspot.com
As for you back, you might want to try chiropractor. It could be your pelvic out of alignment.

wHOisBaBy said...

g: thanks!

jess: hi there, thanks for visiting my blog. yea, it could be it, i felt sharp pain on my right thigh when i turn certain position. eeew ... out of alignment ... must be carrying baby too much on my right side.

Sasha said...

eh dun wait..find another doctor la!

wHOisBaBy said...

sasha: not so easy, need to go see family doctor first then get referral to see specialist, then have to make appt and they'll check if insurance will cover and have wait to for its approval. very long process.