Sep 16, 2006

Baby's Eyes, A Real Eye-Opener

Saw this article in a magazine (Enfamil Family Beginning) that was mailed to me. Pretty interesting so I though I should post it here so my reader get a chance to read it and also for my future reference.

Age: 1 Week
What baby sees: Everything's a bit blurry right now, but your baby can detect light and shapes -- especially those about a foot away. She'll love gazing at your face. Also, babies have been shown to imitate facial gestures in the first days of life.

Age: 1 Month
What baby sees: She'll start to notice movement and high-contrast patterns, such as a checkerboard. Hang a mobile above your baby's crib for visual stimulation.

Age: 2 Months
What baby sees: Your baby is now perfecting her object-tracking skills. Move a toy slowly from side to side and she'll follow it with her eyes. She should have smooth, gliding tracking by about 3 months.

Age: 3 Months
What baby sees: She's beginning to see colors more clearly now. As a result, she'll prbably start showing a preference for bright colors and more complex patterns.

Age: 4 Months
What baby sees: Depth and three-dimensional perception are falling into place. This means your baby can better recognize you from across the room.

Age: 5 Months
What baby sees: Your baby is beginning to process object permanence, the understandg that things exist even when they're out of sight -- such as a toy hidden beneath a blanket.

Age: 6 Months
What baby sees: Your baby can now see small objects clearly and focus on details. She's also starting to distinguish between carying shades of the sam color.

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