Aug 3, 2006

USDA Choice Beef

This morning while pushing Baby Brandon in his stroller around our block, we saw MIL (who lives just 3 doors down) talking to a guy beside a home delivery van with the word "BEEF" on it. Then I asked MIL what she talked to the guy about, she said that guy was offering to sell his wholesale beef for half price because he was in hurry to get home to his wife (something about his wife needed to go to doctor's office).

Anyway, to cut the story short, that guy showed us the box of beef he sells and is offering $335 for the first box and the second box for $50. At first he offered to give us the seafood and chicken boxes for $120 if we buy the steaks. But we were more interested in the steaks as they are really Gourmet quality (not the usual steaks sold at the groceries stores). Since MIL needs more of these to bring back to Macau for her relatives, I asked how much if we would buy a third box, and that guy offered us at $100. So at the end we bought THREE boxes of beef with a total of more than 60 pounds! That guy even gave us a "written" guarantee that these steaks will not have frost up in the freezer as they are each individual vacuumed sealed packing. If anything happened, we can give his company a call. Funny thing is, the steaks may not stay in our freezer that long.

I took one BIG box (will have to write a check for MIL later) and rearranged each vacuumed sealed pack in each box and mixed them together to save storage space. Then I stored them in the freezer. Took two fillet sirloin with bacon wrapped, a lemon pepper sirloin and a regular sirloin for dinner tonight.

Pictures shown are before my re-arrangement.

WOW! Actual price at $15.56 per pound!?!!

Each type packaged in different boxes, all these iside a BIG box

Beef Striploin Steak: 5 steaks

Beef Tenderloin Fillet w/ bacon wrap: 8 steaks

Bacon wrap on the side

Beef Striploin Steak (restaurant cut-thinner cut than the 1st box): 8 steaks

Beef Fillet of Sirloin (thinner cut than steak): 8 steaks

Beef Sirloin Lemon & Pepper Steak: 8 steaks

Chopped Beef Steak Patties (no fat-won't shrink during cooking): 24 servings

Inside my freezer


Zara's Mama said...

Wooo.. that's lots of beef steaks!

Your MIL is going to Macau with the beef? Hmmm.. what strange souvenir. :P

G said...

Wow u guys sure get good deals often hehehe

wHOisBaBy said...

zara's mama: MIL said beef in macau not as fresh/nice as here, and relatives back there likes steaks. so she decided to bring these as souvenirs.

g: just lucky!