Aug 19, 2006

Huggies on Sale!

WOW ... Hubby called me on Thursday during his lunch time when he stopped by a local Target store by his work and told me they have the Huggies Supreme on sale for 50% off. There were many packs and he told me that we would go back after dinner to buy them as he didn't have any coupons with him at the time. Coupons are clipped out from the Sunday papers and usually they have $1 off any Huggies Diapers and I have like 7 of them with me.

After Brandon has his afternoon nap, I called Hubby to meet me at the Target as I would head out now to get them. Difficult to carry many packs myself with a baby. He told me that he would meet me after his work. When I arrived, there were only 7 Size 5 JUMBO packs left. I 'sapu' (malay meaning for "sweep") all the packs on the shelves. Brandon's stroller was all full (bottom and top) ... I even had him holding one pack of the diaper. No more bigger boxes. They were all gone. Hubby said he saw those boxes during his lunch time. Probably around 9.xx after discount. He didn't remember how many pieces were those. I have 7 $1 coupons to use with those I got. Hubby paid and the final price for each pack was $3.77 + tax. He then drove by another Target and got another 5 packs for $4.77 + tax. No more coupons.

Brandon currently is still wearing Size 3 (regular Huggies) for daytime but he also wearing Size 4 for night time. I believe these Size 5 will come in handy pretty soon. As for now, they are sitting in our guest room togther with his other items (used clothes, toys, playpen:folded up, bouncer). GUEST ROOM = STORAGE FOR BRANDON'S STUFF.

My stock of 12 packs of Size 5 Huggies Supreme Diapers

Size 5 (12kg up) Jumbo Huggies Diaper with 27 pieces

50% off from the regular price

More colorful and the cartoon characters are bigger compare to regular Huggies

The inside of the SUPREME diaper


Vien said...

Wow! That's a good deal! I usually get mine at Costco. Sometimes, the regular stores like Target or Walmart can be cheaper when they have huge sale.

Zara's Mama said...

that many pacs of diapers??

crazymommy said...

size 5???!! Nikita can still wear size 3 two months ago before I started toilet train her for night time.

But it is definitely a good deal! ;)

wHOisBaBy said...

vien: i usually get it online thru when they have specific promotion.

zara's mama: yup! here in america we get used to buying in bulks!

crazymommy: yalor size 5! can't imagine. but i think boys tend to wear bigger sizes than girls. A cousin's daughter is wearing size 4 and she is 3 yrs. brandon is now wearing size 4 and he is just 5.5 months.

G said...

Good to bulk in bulk esp when it is a bargain. We buy in bulk too, usually the 108 pcs per box for AU$36 Huggies brand. Toilet paper also we buy in bulk, haha, can never have too much of that.